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It is all about the neighborhood...
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Welcome to Braeburn Terrace

Welcome to Braeburn Terrace Online

The Braeburn Terrace website...

...was created by order of the Civic Club and approved by a popular vote of the citizens of Braeburn Terrace subdivision located in Houston, TX.

The website will stand as a communications portal to and for the neighbors in Braeburn Terrace and serve as an information point for all of our future neighbors.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

Civic Club Meetings...

...are held at the Bayland Park Community Center

 The Bayland Community center is located at 6400 Bissonnet near Hillcroft inside Bayland Park, see map below for details.

 Next Scheduled Meeting:

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 at 7:30 PM


The Braeburn Terrace Civic Club has submitted an application for the establishment of a Prohibited Yard Parking Requirement Area (Section 28-303 of the Code of Ordinances) for Braeburn Terrace, Section 2 with the Houston Planning and Development Department.

Once established, violating the Prohibited Yard Parking Requirement Area will be a misdemeanor and violators will receive a fine not to exceed $150 a day.

For information, contact the applicant at (832) 429-8271 or the Houston Planning and Development Department at (713) 837-7880.



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